Kamis, 26 Maret 2015

#1D Live Concert at Jakarta!

My amazing experience last night. How come, I fall in love with the boys for 4 years. When I began my college, I think they can be my moodbooster in all my life. They beaviour, mindset and everything are so silly hahaha it's like in theirs first film the name is "This Is Us" this film told what happened in the backstage and theirs behaviour kinda the boys in 21 years old :D
In my old post in this blog, I had written everything about The Boys. So, my dream start to One Direction. I love them and I promise to my self that oneday I must go to UK and have speak good english. I will met them and apare my day with Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Nial Horan and Loius Tomlinson.

The concert last night is so memoriable and sparkling my best night ever even thought without Zayn Malik. I felt something different in my self that I can't tell with the words. It's seem like my dream come true. Iam very very massive thankful to Allah SWT.

I've been waiting since 02.00 PM at Senayan and the boys start perform at 08.30 PM oh my god, I already wait for 6 hours 30 minutes but Iam so excited and it's worthed.

The Tour's name is On The Road Again Tour 20115 ar #OTRAT 2015. Theirs first song is Clouds and then Steal My Girl, Little Black Dress, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Midnight Memories, Kiss You, Stockholm Syndrome, Strong, Better Than Words, Don't Forget You Belong, Night Changes, Little Things, Alive, Diana, One Thing, What MAkes You Beautiful, Through The Dark, Girl Almighty, You and 1, Story Of My Life, Little White Lies and Best Song Ever. They have been 23 song last night, the 23 song are from theirs fourth album. Up All Night, Take Me Home, Midnight Memories and Four.

Directioner sing along together even though our sound are so ugly and broke theirs song hahaha but we've been having fun together. Thanks for directioners who come to Senayan last night.

In the beggining concert, the audience sing Indonesia Raya and we sing it with deeply heart. No matter happen, I Love my lovely country Indonesia.

When the boys sing Little Things, Oh my god my body and my soul felt something different kinda 'merinding' and I sing that song almost shed tears "Oh my god, now I can sing this song with the boys in front of me, ordinally I always listen and sing this song in my room while imagine that I stand in theirs concert. Now Iam in theirs concert, isn;t dream is real!! It's amazing feeling that I never felt before. Iam very very thankful to Allah SWT that I can felt it" :)))

When the concert was over, I feel so sad and I will stay in Senayan for 2 days and follow my boys to the next OTRAT 2015 :(

Just one hour after the concert in Jakarta finish, I have bad news that Zayn Malik leaving a band 'cause he want be a man normally in 22 years old. And official One Direction published it. Oh my god, it's seem like thunderstuck in the sunny day, How come, just one hour I felt very happines in my life then change into broken. Why Zayn Malik must leave the group? :(

I hope that is just hoax and oneday Zayn Malik will join the group again. I think it is our bad dream for directioners Indonesia after one of our dream comes true. Allah SWT always know the truth and reason.


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